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Best Offer KC is a local homebuyer located in Blue Springs, MO. We started out as a foreclosure rescue company helping hundreds of homeowners facing the challenges of rising debt and adjustable rate mortgages. Soon we realized there were other homeowners that needed help, not just those in foreclosure.

People turn to us when their house becomes too much to handle – whether it’s due to repairs, a life change like a divorce or a death in the family, or they need to move soon because of bankruptcy or an aging parent needs to move for better care. Because each situation is unique, we have become the expert at tailoring a solution specific to your needs. Check out our reviews to see how we’ve been able to help KC area families!

We’re genuinely different than other homebuyers in Kansas City. Our mission is to elevate the community we live in. That means fixing up a home for the next family that lives there. It means doing quality work that increases the property values of the neighborhood. It means working openly and honestly with our partners and our homeowners.

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We are the most experienced and most trusted home buyer in the Kansas City area. No company has solved more difficult homeownership problems than Best Offer KC. Our mission is to help simplify the process of selling a home, and we’ve had the privilege to help over 1,600 families right here in our community.


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Customer Service

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Expert Consultant

Ready to Solve Problems!


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Call us at (816) 844-6224 or fill out the form below

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Call us at (816) 844-6224 or fill out the form below

Address Only