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Sell Kansas City Homes With Foundation Issues

Can I Sell My KC MO House With Foundation Issues?
Can I Sell My KC MO House With Foundation Issues?

Sell Kansas City Houses With Foundation Issues

Sell Kansas City Homes With Foundation Issues

Many people would love to buy a house in Kansas City, MO — but they may back away if the home has foundation issues. If you’re selling a home with foundation issues in KC, getting it off the market can be challenging.

You might be wondering, “Is it possible to sell my house with foundation issues?” In this blog post, we’ll talk about that. So, keep on reading!

Causes of Foundation Issues in a House

  • Changing Soil Conditions – Expansion and contraction caused by changes in moisture levels can exert tremendous pressure on foundations leading them to settle or even pop up from the ground entirely, which can cause the house to lean or crack.  If your house is on a hill subject to erosion, dirt, and soil on the hillside will wash away over time, exposing more of the foundation and weakening it.
  • Improper Drainage – It goes without saying that if water doesn’t drain properly, you’ll run into problems. Too much moisture contributes to both expansion and contraction of soil, which can push against foundations causing cracks in walls and popping up floors.  Before building, always get an expert opinion on how you can best direct drainage around your property so water runs away from your house rather than toward it.
  • Inferior Sub-Grade – Inadequate sub-grade preparation before building a house may result in insufficient support leading to foundation issues.  An expert contractor who cares about doing things right from the start can help you avoid future foundation problems by investing more time upfront.

How Do I Know If My House Has Foundation Issues?

There are warning signs that can help you identify if your home is starting to show such issues when it comes to foundation problems. Here are some of the usual signs.

  1. Sunken or Cracked Walls – If your house has cracks in the exterior wall — particularly on old areas that hold moisture — then this may already indicate an issue with its foundation.  In cases like these, it’s best not to delay repairs as major structural damage can occur if you leave it unattended for a very long time.
  2. Sagging Doors and Windows – Doors or windows that don’t fit properly could also be signs of foundation problems because house parts are not level anymore. The same can be said with sagging doorways where you have to lift the doorknob higher to open them. Also, gaps around windows cause air leakage and increase heating bills in the wintertime.
  3. Unusually Low Spots in Your Yard – If parts of your yard always stay wet — even if it hasn’t rained in days — this is another indicator that water may be seeping through the grounds or that underground sources are causing pooling.  The longer you wait before addressing these issues, the more expensive it gets over time to fix them. You must act early, when there are only minor cracks and damage.

Can I Sell My House With Foundation Issues?

The short answer is yes; you can sell your house with foundation issues. However, it can be very difficult; several factors influence buying a home with foundation problems. The costs associated with fixing the issue must be low enough to warrant the effort of purchasing the house and reselling it later.

Additionally, it is important to be aware that any renovations you make before moving into your new home will increase its value afterward. You’d have to spend both money and time solving the issues to increase your home’s value — unless the buyer buys it as-is.

Should You Repair Foundation Issues Before You Sell?

When it comes to selling a house, there are many factors to consider. When you start the process of trying to find a buyer, one question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you should fix foundation issues before putting your house on the market.

Of course, if your home has serious structural damage — including cracks in walls and ceilings, missing stones along the foundation, and doors that won’t close properly — it may be best for you to wait until these things are fixed before selling. Most realtors will insist that you fix these issues right away. To avoid this expense and hassle, consider selling to Best Offer KC, a company that will buy your house as-is!

How Can I Sell My House With Foundation Problems?

sell my kansas city house fastWhen selling a home with foundation issues, it is important to be honest and transparent with potential buyers. Many people are not comfortable buying a home that has known structural problems. If you don’t want to fix the foundation before putting your home on the market, then the option to sell the house “as-is” should be considered. To save your time and money, this is by far your best option.

Selling your house traditionally requires expensive repairs, meetings with realtors, cleaning your property, and staging it for strangers to come into your home — only for them to potentially back out of buying later. This is a stressful way to sell that will take up your valuable time and cost you money.

Selling as-is ensures that you don’t need to pay hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars on repairs. Your buyer understands the condition of the property and will take the house without any additional expense on your part.

Luckily, you can ‘sell my house fast Kansas City‘ quickly to Best Offer KC in as little as seven days! Avoid the hassles of meeting realtors, repair issues, and waiting on buyers, and take a much easier, hassle-free route to sell to us instead!