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You’re in control! Partner with our team to discuss a number of different solutions. Choose the one that fits your family’s timing, needs, and flexibility the best.

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How to sell your house fast with Best Offer KC Kansas City

It’s Really That Easy!

Call us at (816) 844-6224 or fill out the form below

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What is a professional homebuyer?

A professional homebuyer is a company that specializes in purchasing residential properties. They typically buy houses in various conditions, ranging from distress properties to homes in good condition. A professional homebuyer is experienced in buying properties directly from homeowners without the need for listing the property on the market or involving real estate agents.

How are you different than a Realtor?

A Realtor, also known as a real estate agent, works on behalf of a homeowner to help them sell their property. Best Offer KC is a professional homebuyer that actually purchases your home without the need of a Realtor.

Do you send someone out to my house?

Yes, we always need to see a house before we can offer a solution. You’ll make an appointment for one of our experienced consultants to come out to your home to best understand your situation and what your needs are.

What happens at my appointment?

At your appointment, our consultant is going to come in, sit down with you to understand how we can best serve you. Then you’ll walk the house together so you can point out all of the nice things about your home. After that, you’ll sit down and talk through your options.

What happens after I accept your offer?

At Best Offer KC, our commitment to serve continues until the process is completed. You will work directly with Ashley, our Transaction Coordinator, who will walk you through the process with the title company. We will continue to keep you informed at every step, but we encourage you to call us with questions you may have at any time!

What does it mean to sell “as-is”?

“As-is” means in your home’s current condition. You won’t need to spend any more money on your house or handle any repairs.

What repairs will I need to do?

No repairs needed. You won’t need to come up with thousands of dollars on costly repairs to try and get your house ready to sell.

What if I don’t need a fast closing?

We close on your timeline and whatever date is best for you. If you need a fast closing, we can close very quickly. If you need more time, that’s completely fine with us. We’re here to help YOU.

How do you determine the best offer for my house?

Many factors determine the options we can offer for your house. We run a market analysis to understand the current market in your area and comparable sales for similar properties in your neighborhood. We determine the fair market value minus the estimated cost for repairs and other risks and expenses our team will be taking off your shoulders.

Are there any fees or commissions?

We guarantee you pay to fees or commissions. In fact, we will pay all closing costs, saving you thousands.

Do you pay fair prices?

You may get offers from other investors, but none like ours. Most of them are flipping your house for a quick profit. They need to buy your house for a steal and may try to low ball you. As an established name in the Kansas City real estate community, we’re motivated to offer a higher, fair price.

Are you a wholesaler?

No, Best Offer KC is a division of SBD Housing Solutions, a real estate investment firm located in Blue Springs, MO. Our family-owned company is a real estate brokerage, and we’ve been providing a number of real estate services and resources to families in the Kansas City metro area for over 20 years. A real estate wholesaler is an individual that acts as a middleman in a transaction by finding a buyer and making a profit in the process. While this process is legal, not all wholesalers represent themselves honestly. Download our free guide on how to spot a house buyer scan so you can protect yourself.

Where is your office located?

We are headquartered in Blue Springs, MO, a sub-division of the greater Kansas City metro area.